Room Separation - Mobile & Smart -

Increased flexibility thanks to mobile walls.

Wherever spaces are used for multiple purposes, our customers rely on solutions from Rosconi Systems. Our mobile walls allow spaces to be divided up flexibly. And to be re-arranged at any time.

Insulation operable partitions

Skyfold Classic

for maximum versatility

Skyfold Mirage

the transparent solution

Skyfold Zenith

the slimline model

Variflex 100

Movable Wall System

Variflex Comfort Drive

for premium-grade control

Variflex EI 30

for passive fire protection

Variflex Glass

Transparent Sound Insulation

Variflex Acoustic

for good sound absorption

Movable walls glass

Varitrans ComfortDrive

For premium-grade control

Varitrans Straightline

Movable glass wall system

Divider curtains for sports halls

Divider curtains

Divider curtains for sports halls

Coat racks and ashtrays

Waste bins and ashtrays

Coat racks and benches

the modern classic

Coat stands

timeless elegance

Coat rails

because quality never loses its relevance