Variflex – the sound-insulating operable partition system for flexible room assignment

With elegantly combined transparency and sound insulation, the system’s appearance, sophistication and ease of operation can be selected according to requirements.

Variflex EI 30

The Variflex EI 30 operable partition from DORMA Hüppe is specifically designed for passive fire protection applications and is classified in compliance with the smoke control Euronorm EN 13501-2.

Variflex Glass

Variflex Glass combines brilliant transparency and sound insulation with more light, more room, more quiet.

Variflex Acoustic

Effective acoustic surfaces ensure excellent sound absorption and cut reverberation.

Variflex 100

Offering very high sound reduction ratings, this sturdy partition system will ensure parallel events can take place without cross-interference.

Variflex Comfort Drive

With ComfortDrive, the Variflex panels move to the required position quickly under smart control.