Skyfold Zenith
the slimline model

Skyfold is a vertical movable wall system that retracts to the ceiling. It is space-saving, requires no guide or track rails and offers acoustic insulation up to Rw 59 dB. Zenith combines the vertically folding elements found in the Classic Series at the top portion of the wall with a straight down descent thereafter, making it the ideal flexible space solution for areas that require a narrow path of travel.


    • The Zenith series offers acoustic insulation up to Rw 59 dB
    • The vertical movable wall retracts to the ceiling
    • Individual dimensions up to 3.6 meters high and unlimited* width
    • Rapid, automatic operation at the press of a button

Individually designed for flexibility of use

With its excellent sound insulation values, Skyfold is ideally suitable for the flexible use of space. As it retracts upwards into the ceiling, no wall or floor tracks are needed. The Zenith series folds only in its upper section. This enables existing spaces to be used even more effectively as furniture can be positioned closer to the movable wall.

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Space-saving design retracts into the ceiling

The space-saving vertical movable wall system retracts to the underside of the ceiling. When parked, the system merges harmoniously and almost invisibly with the ceiling, with the absence of lateral guide rails or floor rails adding to the seamless appearance.

Rapid and reliable operation

With the press of a button on the keypad, the Zenith deploys and retracts quickly and silently into the ceiling. Built-in sensors on the lower edge ensure that the system stops in the presence of an obstruction when descending.

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