Variflex 100
Movable Wall System

It’s the clever technology that makes the Variflex such a special partition system. Its success derives from the clever combination of a multitude of intelligent details. Different panel types allow adaptation to a wide range of applications. The track systems are so versatile that a partition can be readily fitted into even a small space. And the sophisticated panel design of the DORMA Hüppe Variflex ensures impressive acoustic insulation – a convincing concept based on a truly “sound” system.

Your advantage

    • Super-stable design (steel-aluminum construction)
    • Sound reduction ratings up to Rw 59 dB with optimized profiles and seals
    • Low VOC emissions sets new standards
    • The combination with Variflex glass elements offers many design options
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Partition layout adaptable to any room geometry

With its variety of panel types, the Variflex system can be tailored to almost any class of application in the most diverse areas of commercial usage. Whether to meet exclusive design requirements or incorporate doors or different window types, DORMA Hüppe Variflex offers the right solutions for all kinds of detail requirements.

Operating convenience from manual to fully automatic

There are three operating systems available to suit your effort-saving requirements: standard manual operation, semi-automatic operation (ComforTronic) or our premium fully automatic control option (ComfortDrive). This fully automatic control system moves the panels at the push of a button, ensuring effortless, high-speed positioning with precision sealing strip extension to brace the panels in suit.

Sound advice right from the initial planning phase

Whether for a new building, a conversion or a refurb, the decision in favour of a DORMA Hüppe movable wall system will ensure you reap the benefits of high product quality combined with the advisory expertise of our experienced, helpful staff.

We will assist you in your specific project with individual support and advanced architectural tools to ensure a fully integrated approach to planning, design and installation.

  • Features
    • Super-stable design (steel-aluminium construction)
    • Low specific weights per unit area for easy handling and obvious structural advantages.
    • Sound reduction ratings up to Rw 59 dB with optimised profiles and seals.
    • Variflex and Variflex Glass can be combined for a partition that offers both sound insulation and transparency
    • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic control
    • Smoke control certificate to EN 1634-3 as standard
    • Sustainability included: Covered by environmental product declaration (EPD) to ISO 14025 and EN 15804
  • Surface Finishes


    • Classic Collection: Melamine and HPL (high-pressure laminate)


    • Design Collection
    • Functional Collection
    • Other surface finishes
  • Technical Data
    • Clear passage height: max. 14,500 mm
    • Panel width: max. 1,250 mm
    • Sound insulation

    Variflex 100

    Rw in dB 39 46 49 52 55 57 59
    Gewicht kg/m2 30 31 40 40 48 48 56

    Variflex Glass

    Rw in dB 47 50 52
    Gewicht kg/m2 49 45 56
  • Downloads
    Technische Dokumentationen
    TEF Funktionen Download (96.77 KB)
    DT DTZ Vertikalschnitt VerticalCut Download (142.31 KB)
    DT DTZ Variflex 100 K Download (143.15 KB)
    AWA Variflex 100 K Download (144.92 KB)
    TE VE Variflex 100 K Download (114.2 KB)
    Variflex 100 59dB ML DE Download (409.77 KB)
    Variflex 100 57dB ML DE Download (508.66 KB)
    Variflex 100 55dB ML DE Download (470.42 KB)
    Variflex 100 52dB ML DE Download (465.57 KB)
    Variflex 100 49dB ML DE Download (456.91 KB)
    Variflex 100 46dB ML DE Download (411.56 KB)
    Variflex 100 39dB ML DE Download (404.41 KB)
    Ballwurfzeugnis MPA Verlängerung 2020 Download (300 KB)
    Variflex Classic Collection Download (1003.25 KB)

More Options

Variflex 100

Movable Wall System

Variflex Comfort Drive

for premium-grade control

Variflex EI 30

for passive fire protection

Variflex Glass

Transparent Sound Insulation

Variflex Acoustic

for good sound absorption